Affilate DoubleList is a dating agency which offers its clients a dating service on the Internet. Users have to register to join the dating service. Once registered, users can search profiles available on the dating service. The dating service is provided through an online dating portal.

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Affilate DoubleList makes it easy for its members to create and manage numerous online dating accounts, since they all are managed by the one single interface. The interface allows the user to browse and select profiles that best matches his preferences. Profiles are reviewed and analyzed by the system, and only those that meet certain standards and parameters are presented to the user. Profiles can also be edited and updated, by the user, at any time. A comfortable and convenient interface, with easy navigation and search features, makes browsing through the dating service an enjoyable experience.

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With many happy clients who have found their soul mate through Affilate DoubleList, it is hardly surprising that the dating service has become so popular. Users find it easy to locate others who have similar interests, since everyone on doublelist is screened for compatibility. This adds a level of comfort in the dating process.