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If you are running a web company then you no doubt already know the importance of creating great About Us content for your website. Unfortunately, the problem with many About Us pages is that they are an afterthought on a dull landing page which simply redirects to some hastily written paragraphs on a company’s website. What a great About Us page should be is an all-in-one sales page, one that really focuses on capture the most important selling points of the company and its product, creating a strong impact on potential customers. Sadly, this is not what most companies do when their About Us pages are created. Instead of creating a solid page which contains great content and helps visitors understand who your company is and what it does, many companies create an About Us page, which contains very little information and is largely unsearchable on Google and other major search engines.

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There are two problems with this approach. Firstly, while having great content on your web page is important, having great content on your web page is meaningless if no one knows it exists! A well-written About Us page will have people searching for information about your brand, so you need to make sure your page is listed in Google and other major search engines. Secondly, as mentioned above, an About Us page is only useful if people are searching for it, and if they’re not then your page simply has no value whatsoever. In order to really benefit from the About Us element of your web page you need to make sure your About Us page has both good content and is well known, because otherwise it just won’t get much exposure.

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The best way to benefit from an About Us page is to create a lead-generating headline for your web page. Simply writing a few words about yourself and your business (who you are, where your business is based etc) can work wonders. A lead-generating headline can often be the single factor that makes or breaks a good About Us page on Google. If you want to work with the Google robot more effectively then you should spend some time learning how to write effective headlines that get high rankings on the Google search engine.